Sunday, 4 March 2012

Titanium Aura

Titanium Aura

The 'Stone of Astral Journey’ helps to guide during astral travel, whilst bringing support and grounding before and after each journey.

Titanium Aura is committed to be a guide to the Astral body, to keep all journeys of Astral travel safe and free of corruption. It is a stone that brings the incapable to capable, to bring the impossible to possible.

This is a stone that stimulates the mind, body and spirit to better and strengthen in all areas, in any capability level. It teaches that capabilities of the physical being is just a mirage, dreams can be awakened, journeys can be completed.

Titanium Aura encourages the Astral body, the inner energy to reap wisdom and hidden code that is all around the being, the physical self does not have immediately detect this. The Astral self stores the wisdom, unlocks the codes and uses this to further oneself through life's journeys within the physical and Astral planes.

A stone to remove the un-true and deceiving forces all around, to awaken oneself to what is of worthy and righteous cause. This stone can be a mirror to the Soul, in helping one see what is of positive nature within the self, that can be used to better all that is now, and all that is to be.

"Reflect that which is within to that which is outer, break away that of no positive use, sow and reap from that which is"

Titanium Aura can be used in helping to deflect harmful atmospheric energies, toxins and rays, such as radiation that can be emitted from large scale areas, down to single items.

Use Titanium Aura to protect and strengthen the whole structure of the being, both inner and outer, as well as to improve and encourage the cell renewal process of the body, strengthen and restore memory, and to slow down the affects of ageing.

A stone to attract the Golden Ray to the being with great clarity and precision.