Thursday, 8 September 2011

The ‘Stone of Remembrance’, holding deep set energies that encourages the being to remember happening’s of the past that are the making of the now, and of the future.  
Sphalerite brings one to a new awareness that as new footsteps are created, the old one’s shall not be forgotten. They shall be remembered and learnt from.  
This is a stone to encourage one to seek inspiration, to seek journeys of wisdom ahead. Shalerite also reminds that a battle within creates a battle with all, the time can be now to surrender and release. 
“Such surrender is not weakness, it is strength, it is courage, it comes from within and it is within that all truth and wisdom awaits” 
Sphalerite reminds one that although life can seem such a battle, that battle can be won, that mountain top can be reached. This stone awakens the warrior, helping one to remember hidden strength and courage, to be able to keep on going through light and through darkness. 
Also a stone that strongly encourages justice, even if a happening is now just a fading memory of the past, Shalerite can be used to attract rightful justice to take place, even if this is to find rightful justice within. 
Sphalerite help’s bring one to a state of understanding what is wrongful natured and what is rightful natured, to think before speaking and think before taking action, thus, discouraging wrongful attitudes and negative situations.
Sphalerite can be described as “teaching right from wrong” in all possible situation’s. 
“A single thought can create a powerful action; with each action comes a consequence, remember this as a golden rule of life” 
Sphalerite can help to attract positive energies and positive blessings. This stone can be placed around the home for this, as well as being kept as a “lucky charm”. Also this is a stone that clearly brings “a sense of knowing” if not encouraging one to do so.
 The root and sacral chakra’s will both benefit from Sphalerite, as its energies resonate well, especially where unbalances are causing physical upset. This stone also help’s stir the kundalini for further awakening and is beneficial where there is Tantric following. 
Sphalerite resonates very well with the being who also has following’s such as; Buddhism, Tai Chi and Taoism, because of its strong holding of life force energy. 
A stone of the “Sword of Justice”, “the Heart of Remembrance” and of the “Golden One”.